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Preview Parties are from 6.30-8.30pm on the Friday before each show. All welcome.
The gallery is closed for hanging on the Thursday and Friday before each exhibition opens.

The Halesworth Gallery Celebrates 50 Years of Art


A Diary of Exhibitions in 2016


Sat 23 to Thurs 27 April

Schools Exhibition

Wonderful work from our local children, not to be missed. Includes work from Bungay High, St Felix and local primary schools.

Open 11 am to 5 pm

Plus workshops with visiting artists for local schools.

Images of the exhibition and workshops here.

30 April to 25 May

McCabe/Jackson/Wolfenden/Haring Woods/Everard Smith

Preview Party Friday 29 April 6.30 to 8.30
Photoeast Logo Photoeast Logo

As part of the PhotoEast Festival 2016, five locally based artists with national and international reputations have come together for the first time at The Halesworth Gallery, Halesworth. Each has responded to the festival theme 'Of Time and Place'.

Eamon McCabe, Bill Jackson, Stephen Wolfenden, Peter Everard Smith and Eileen Haring Woods

Five accomplished local photographers show their work, spanning the last five decades and exploring the relationship between film and digital imagery.

Click here for more details about the photographers and images of the exhibition.

28 May to 15 June

Anglian Potters. Ceramics: Product and Process

Preview Party 27 May

A show celebrating the finished ware of local potters along with insights into their working practices through a display of sketchbooks, tests and trials and photographs of studios and workspaces.

More details here.

18 June to 6 July

Patterns in Sight.

Molly Aldous, Nicola Coe and Eleanor Usher

Eleanor Usher

Usher image

Eleanor shows a series of abstract paintings based on repetitive pattern. The original reference was an American patchwork from 1910 made of shirt fabric in the bow tie motif which looked like an abstract painting. What interested Eleanor about this patchwork is that each square is focused on a pleasing colour combination of its own and when put together, produces pattern and movement over and above what was intended at the start of the project creating a satisfactory whole.

Nicola Coe

Coe image

Nicola Coe is an Artist who uses photography and mixed media in her work. Nicola uses the camera to see and record the world around her, almost drawing with film. She started using instant film about three years ago and since then all her images start their life within a Vintage SX70 Polaroid camera.

All of her subjects Nicola finds as souvenirs of nature. Noticed, collected, significant and remembered: Collections of place and time.

Molly Aldous

Aldous image

Molly is a NUA student and she will be showing video and a collaborative live performance piece.

"My practice now involves the exploration of language and rhythm and how this can be translated through the body in dance and I have recently started a collaboration with a dance teacher Charlotte Haddon from Dance East academy. We are experimenting with the way sound and language can be replicated through the body in its most banal form, and have been exploring how one's stream of consciousness can be portrayed through the body."

More details and images of the exhibition on this link.

9 to 27 July


Margot Noyes

Preview Party 8 July

Regular exhibitor Margot celebrates six decades of art making with a retrospective show through the whole gallery to mark our fiftieth anniversary.

Margot Noyes image

More details here and images of the exhibition.

30 July to 17 August

Viewing Change

Preview Party 29 July

Ronald Hellen

Hellen image

My paintings are essentially about place and trying to capture the atmosphere peculiar to particular buildings, scenes or locations. I like places such as follies, obelisks, ornamental parks and beach architecture; any of those structures that seem at odds with their surroundings.

I have always been drawn to coastal locations for my subjects to paint, I am sure this is due to both the atmosphere and the great number of unusual and often quirky buildings and locations to be found there.

Peter Fowler

Fowler image

Many of the paintings were made en plein air in Lozère, France, and indoors in various studios in Clerkenwell and Camden, London. Their inspiration may, however, derive from almost anywhere in the world, though I am increasingly tending to start from the local, in particular along the East Anglian coast or on the Wiltshire downs. Still feeling very much a beginner, indeed an interloper into a strange, high-tension world of real artists and art-lovers, I nevertheless appreciate that the product of what I have found to be a curious, very private and solitary activity is but a micro-pixel in a very big world indeed.

Yvonne Forster

Forster image

The work I create is an eclectic mix using many forms from abstract to representational, the materials used often being an extension of the subject matter.

For several years my art has been stimulated by the inspirational beauty of the natural world, and more recently by a growing awarness of the rising tensions created by modern society's disconnection from it. John Burrows observes succinctly...'I go to nature to be soothed and healed and have my senses put in order.' This both resonates and inspires, whereas a challenge to engage has drawn me towards artist Franz Krajcberg who's work exposes the 'destructive tendencies' of industrialisation.

More details here.

100 Square Feet Logo

Saturday 20 August to Wednesday 7 September
100 Square Feet

Preview Party 19 August

One hundred and one square pieces of wood from a joinery workshop.

One hundred and one artists.

One hundred and one square feet of art.

One hundred and one boxes of art.

More details on www.100squarefeet.co.uk

Cope Plates image

10 September to 21 September

Cope Plates

Paul Cope

Preview Party 9th September

100 ceramic plates made by Paul Cope in a closing middle school as part of a research project into the role of artist-teachers.

More details here.

Open Show Image

24 September to 12 October

Open Show

More details and views of the show here.

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