Halesworth Gallery

Steeple End, Halesworth, Suffolk IP19 8LL
Opposite St. Mary's Church
Weekdays and Saturdays 11am - 5pm
Sundays 2 - 4pm

Admission free

Preview Parties are from 6.30-8.30pm on the Friday before each show. All welcome.
The gallery is closed for hanging on the Thursday and Friday before each exhibition opens.

Viewing Change

30 July - 17 August

Preview Party 29 July

Ronald Hellen

Hellen image

My paintings are essentially about place and trying to capture the atmosphere peculiar to particular buildings, scenes or locations. I like places such as follies, obelisks, ornamental parks and beach architecture; any of those structures that seem at odds with their surroundings.

I have always been drawn to coastal locations for my subjects to paint, I am sure this is due to both the atmosphere and the great number of unusual and often quirky buildings and locations to be found there.

Peter Fowler

Fowler image

Many of the paintings were made en plein air in Lozère, France, and indoors in various studios in Clerkenwell and Camden, London. Their inspiration may, however, derive from almost anywhere in the world, though I am increasingly tending to start from the local, in particular along the East Anglian coast or on the Wiltshire downs. Still feeling very much a beginner, indeed an interloper into a strange, high-tension world of real artists and art-lovers, I nevertheless appreciate that the product of what I have found to be a curious, very private and solitary activity is but a micro-pixel in a very big world indeed.

Yvonne Forster

Forster image

The work I create is an eclectic mix using many forms from abstract to representational, the materials used often being an extension of the subject matter.

For several years my art has been stimulated by the inspirational beauty of the natural world, and more recently by a growing awarness of the rising tensions created by modern society's disconnection from it. John Burrows observes succinctly...'I go to nature to be soothed and healed and have my senses put in order.' This both resonates and inspires, whereas a challenge to engage has drawn me towards artist Franz Krajcberg who's work exposes the 'destructive tendencies' of industrialisation.

Images from the Preview Party of Viewing Change on 29th July

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