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Weekdays and Saturdays 11am - 5pm
Sundays 2 - 4pm

Admission free. 01986 873064

Preview Parties are from 6.30-8.30pm on the Friday before each show. All welcome.
The gallery is closed for hanging on the Thursday and Friday before each exhibition opens.


Sat 21 and Sun 22 April

Young Artists' Art Exhibition

Wonderful work from our local children in schools and scout and guide groups. Not to be missed.

Open both days 11.00am to 5.00pm

28 April to 16 May

Barbara Bernard, Claire Cansick, Janice Lacey

See pictures from the Preview Party held on Friday 27 April

Barbara Bernard

Meet the artist - Sat 12 May 11am-1pm

Mother and Lambs

I am American by birth, but came to England in the 70's and stayed to make my life here. I moved from London to Ditchingham, Norfolk four years ago and work from a studio in my garden, overlooking fields.

I was a silkscreen printmaker for many years, but began painting in oils about twelve years ago. My years of printmaking have informed my work as a painter, but I am glad to break free from the limitations of a very technical medium, and I am enjoying the subtlety and variation achievable in paint.

My style is unashamedly realistic, but always - I hope - slightly unconventional. My subject matter is from the real world around me. What interests me most is the fall of light and shadow on things, whether they be landscape, animals, architecture, still life or the human figure.

More on www.barbarabernard.com

Claire Cansick

Meet the artist in the gallery- Wed 2 May 2-5pm


My exploration of the figurative form depicts lone female figures, bent and stretched through the defines of perspective, flattened and elongated, in a moment of stillness or captured in movement.

I like to abstract shapes, negative space and play with colour but particularly I enjoy the development of line. Lines are repeated obsessively over and over, scratched into the surface, contouring beyond the bounds of the forms, evolving in the process and are a reverberating theme throughout this body of work. They represent the past present and future, repetition, movement, trails and emotion which surrounds each figure.

Through the exploration of the perspective of the figure I push my limits of knowledge and understanding of drawing the human figure and strive to retain equilibrium. Repeatedly working a drawing within the same piece of work the lines come and go leaving vague ghosts behind which have altering flow and tension.

Find out more on www.clairecansick.com

Janice Lacey

Meet the artist Tuesday 1 May 2-5pm

Janice Lacey

First studied oils with Worcester artist Walter Robin Jennings some twenty five years ago. I had several works accepted in the RSBA open exhibitions in Birmingham. After moving to Wales I attended life drawing classes, and attended a short course at Lampeter College.

We then moved to Norfolk where I exhibit in the Ferini gallery and the Lowestoft Art Centre. I belong to Lowestoft art club, the Yarmouth Guild, the East Anglian Society of Contemporary Artists, and Gorleston Broadlanders Art club where I hold office of secretary.

I work in oils, watercolour, and gouache. Each of these mediums bring their own rewards; oils for the freedom, watercolour for the delicacy I aim to produce, and gouache gives me the brilliancy I see in every day items, even if it is the mundane task of making a stew.

19 May to 6 June

Sarah Cannell, Lorry Cudmore, Abigail Phang Gung Fook

Find out more about the show here

Sarah Cannell

Meet the artist - Saturday 2nd June 11 to 4

Minsmere nature reserve

I love the process and experimentation that goes hand in hand with painting and have found that over the years I have incorporated and honed elements that I am drawn to. The black graphic line echoes the shadows cast over the landscape by hedgrows, furrows, trees helping to create strong compositions which are also reminiscent of the printmakers line. Combined with a dynamic, intense colour I create my own interpretation and response to what I feel is my landscape. I feel an emotional connection and am constantly in awe of the multitude of vibrant colour which is there if you look long enough.

Find out more at sarahcannell.com

Lorry Cudmore

Meet the artist - Wednesday 30th May 11 to 4

Box with lid

My work reflects my interest in the natural world. I am drawn to the textures, shapes and colours found in dry stone walls and natural rock formations. I am fascinated by the shapes and patterns formed by erosion in land and seascapes: the wild, uncontrollable and chaotic often resulting in a moment of meditation.

I work mainly with four different clays: black chunky, p2 porcelain, golden harvest (no longer available so looking for a replacement) and toasted stoneware. I press mould, hand build and throw to create each piece. I fire mainly in gas reduction but also in wood and raku when possible.

Abigail Phang Gung Fook

Meet the artist - Saturday 19th May 11am to 3pm

What did she say?

We are pleased to announce that Abigail is one of 25 artists shortlisted for The Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize 2018. Abigail has also been shortlisted for The Collyer Bristow Graduate Award 2018.

My work is about intimacy and my emotions, it describes the multiplicity of my family life I am capturing the essence of love and the importance of family and their home space. My work captures the hilarity and high spirits of my family. The works are my interpretation on contemporary culture. The topics I choose to paint are important to me they are intrinsically linked to who I am today.

This body of work examines the impact of being online and the necessity to be contactable at all times and as a mother how frustrating it can be. The millennial generation are reliant on their mobile phones, social media and other devices. They are online engaged in another world, whilst sitting next to you. This collection of work describes my two eldest sons living their lives through their devices. I have a sense of being ignored, being invisible and a frustration at the dominance of the mobile phone and social media in our lives.

It is the age of information overload a mode of expression that has become ubiquitous. It is not considered narcissistic, it has become normalised in our society. It is often easier to text the boys to get a reply to a question or to gain their attention. Continuous use of their mobiles is a distraction, time which could have been used for something more productive. Are they emotionally attached to their phones? The phone becomes the first thing they touch when they wake up, and the last thing they read before going to bed.

Find out more at www.phanggungfook.com

Installation Day

Installation 01 Installation 02 Installation 03 Installation 01 Installation 01 Installation 01 Installation 01 Installation 01 Installation 01 Installation 01

9 June to 27 June


Preview Party 8 June

Photoeast logo

Everard Smith/Jackson/McCabe/Rudomino/Wolfenden

Peter Everard Smith, Eamonn McCabe, Bill Jackson, Phoebe Rudomino and Stephen Wolfenden

Five locally based photographers with national and international reputations have come together once again at The Halesworth Gallery, Halesworth, as part of the 2018 PhotoEast Festival.

Eamonn McCabe, Bill Jackson, Stephen Wolfenden, Peter Everard Smith and Phoebe Rudomino explore the ideas around the festival theme. What does it mean to Belong?

Find out more about the photographers and see more images here.

Peter Everard Smith has been shooting the world of music and performing arts for over 40 years and many of his iconic photographs are in the collection of the National Portrait Gallery London and in many publications and album covers.

Bill Jackson has won many national and international awards and is the first on record to have received 3 awards from the RPS International Print Award. He has shown in major galleries and museums worldwide.

Eamonn McCabe is the multi-award winning former Picture Editor at The Guardian. Eamonn appears regularly on radio and T.V. talking about photography and has exhibited widely in Britain with several pieces of work in The National Portrait Gallery collection.

Phoebe Rudomino specialises in behind-the-scenes underwater stills and video for feature film, TV and commercials. Film Credits for underwater EPK and/or Publicity Stills include Skyfall, Casino Royale, Atonement, Elizabeth The Golden Age, Harry Potter VI and VII, The Boat That Rocked, and Clash of the Titans.

Stephen Wolfenden is well known for his three books on Southwold shopkeepers and has been a professional photographer for over 45 years with a wide experience in theatre, industrial and architectural photography.

This show has been curated by Bill Jackson for PhotoEast and the Halesworth Gallery .


Saturday 23 June 7pm

Poems and Songs from The Grit

Dean Parkin and Maurice Horhut preview their new show about Lowestoft's forgotten fishing village.

30 June to 18 July

Penny Hunt, Sara McLaughlin, Sara Muzira

Preview party 29 June

Penny Hunt

Meet the artist - Sat 14 July 11 to 1pm

Coast lines

Coastlines. Paintings ranging from Seascape to Abstraction. Minimal, Meditative compositions inspired by the meeting of land, sea and sky.These compositions are made with layers of acrylic paint, considering colour, division of canvas, and emotion. It can be a long process of experimentation, trial and error, welcoming mistakes, reduction, searching for 'rightness', until finally a 'balanced' resolution is achieved.

Sara McLaughlin

Meet the artist - Saturday 7th July 2 to 5

Sizewell B

I am interested in the places where industry or ex-industry meets wildness, places of dynamic change. Old fishing equipment, the power station, broken piers and abandoned factories are frequent subjects. I use oils, acrylics and pen and ink to create landscapes and cityscapes, often drawing on the spot in the company of my dog, and then using sketches and photos in the studio to develop my ideas. I work in Hackney, London and also in Suffolk, where I am based in Wickham Market.

Find out more on www.saramclaughlin.artweb.com

Sara Muzira

Pig Farmer linocut

My work will be a mixture of print and paint. I hope to include not only work that I have already completed, such as the Red Barn Murder Series, but also new work, not yet conceived. It is the joy of making images that brings me back to art. I would hope to give visitors something to make them smile, and something to make them think. Maybe something to make them laugh.


Rosamund Walton

hexachordia Elizabeth I


Friday 13 July 7pm

English and Spanish sixteenth-century songs and instrumental music inspired by the famous Armada Portrait of Elizabeth I. Critically-acclaimed soprano Rosamund Walton will be joining the early music trio Hexachordia to provide a programme both inspiring and entertaining.

Wine and nibbles served. Donations on the door.

Find out more on www.hexachordia.com

21 July to 8 August

Preview 20 July


RA 250 Install

RA Schools East Anglia Group

Celebrating 250 Years of the RA

RA 250 yrs logo

Celebrating the 250th Anniversary of the Royal Academy of Art with a reflection on the influence of its teaching on graduates of the Royal Academy Schools

Linda Adcock, Lucy Bell, Michael Checketts, Kay Edwards, Chris Glanville, Paul Hawdon, Ronald Hellen, Melvyn King, Mary Millar Watt, M J Mott, Daphne Sandham, Ivy Smith, Robin Warnes, Joceline Wickham

On the 25th July there will be a day of activities in the gallery. In the morning there will be a demonstration of linocut printing by Ivy Smith from 11.30am to 12.30pm.

In the afternoon at 2.30pm there will be a group presentation and talk about the history and influence of the RA Schools. Those taking part will be Ivy Smith, Paul Hawdon, Daphne Sandham, Melvyn King and Ronald Hellen.

There will be other activties during the exhibition.Ronald Hellen will be doing a drawing demonstration in the gallery on Sat 21 July 2pm to 5pm. Daphne Sandham will be giving a demonstration of monotypes and colour separation without a press on the afternoon of 26th July from 2 to 5pm.

The show is listed on the RA 250 website here.

More details and images from the show on this page.

Read the artists' memories of their time at the RA school here.

11 to 29 August

Rosalind Bieber, Ali Morgan, Evelyn Polk

Preview 10 August

Rosalind Bieber


Following an accidental exposure to carbon monoxide some years ago I became allergic to all conventional art materials. I had to invent new substances with which to work and found that sand, dental concrete and wax, mixed together with a little rice glue, could build up textures. The addition of card and tissue paper creates a slight relief. These materials led onto the animal series.

Using monoprint as a beginning is an exciting way to work. It accidentally suggests images. Having taken a print I might cut it up and then work into that with the non-allergic materials until an image emerges.

I have grown to love animals through drawing them rather then the other way round. By studying the form one begins to sense the weight, the tension, the relaxation - what it might feel like to be in that particular body. Their gestures, being totally uninhibited, are pure.

Ali Morgan

I currently live in Suffolk, however I spent 15 years in the village port of Wivenhoe as a painter and sculptor. My Studio overlooked the Dry Dock in which the last vessel ever built is buried beneath a life sized ship shaped water feature. Between 1782 and 1958, shipwrights were busy with fishing smacks, sail and tramp steamers, gun boats for Lord Kitchener and minesweepers for both world wars, until its closure in 1961.

Ali Morgan

Boats have always held a fascination for me and a visit to Aldeburgh in 1998 to sketch and record the last surviving sea smacks became a passion. I developed a language over the years to capture their stunning craftsmanship, whilst reflecting the demise of the fishing industry.

I have collected and made things from scrap since childhood. My excitement comes mainly from surface, colour, texture and abstract shape. I work intuitively with assemblage made from reclaimed shards of boats of all kinds. My work has become a natural development into recording the last clinker built boats to fish from the South East coast before they completely disappear.

Evelyn Polk

Meet the artist - Saturday 18th August 12 to 4


I am an artist who explores the found object and is the focus point of all of my work. I use a wide range of techniques, including cross printmaking, collage, painting, assemblages and drawing. Find out more at evelynpolk.vpweb.co.uk


1 to 19 September

Open Install

Preview Party Friday 31 August 6.30 to 8.30. All welcome.


Elizabeth Cook, Michael Laskey and Caroline Price

Friday 14th September 7pm

Three poets to light up a September evening with their cracking poems.

Donations on door. Wine and nibbles served.

This is a change to the date advertised in the brochure.


22 September and 23 September

Tamsyn Imison

Life and Work

Preview party Friday, 21 September 6.30pm to 8.30pm. All welcome.

Tamsyn Imison

Educationalist, artist, founder of Halesworth in Bloom - a special exhibition to celebrate the life and work of Tamsyn Imison. The show features sketchbooks, paintings and theatrical design work. Proceeds from sales will go to 'Comprehensive Future'.

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