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Visitors in 2014


26-27 April School's Show
3-21 May Noelle Francis  
Mountain and Cliffs Liz  James James
  Charlie Crampton
24 May-11 June Paint in Bloom Bennett
14 June- 2 July Margaret Arthur  
  Helena-Alexandra Reut Reut
  Malcolm Ryan Ryan
  Pat  Southwood  
5-23 July Rachel Roft If I had wings II
Time and Transformation David Roft Roft
  Ben Doherty
26 July- 13 Aug Jack Segnit Segnit
Inside/Outside Jim Nind Nind
  Chris Doddridge Doddridge
16 Aug- 3 Sept Bridget  Heriz Heriz
Threefold Sarah Fincham Fincham
  Michaela D'Agat Agat
6-24 Sept Open Show

Hand in date

4th September.

Full details on this Open Show form downloadable here.

Open Show